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Stick RPG 2

2010-12-12 01:45:11 by Porkchop

I will refer to the first screen as "The screen near the basement apartment".
I will refer to the second screen as "The screen near the apartment"
And the third screen as "The screen near the club"

The "shady dealer" appears on the second screen in the evening and at night, he's straight ahead of you as you enter from the third screen.

First a warning:

Make sure you give all four trophymon to either annie or the billionaire. Do not split the trophymon up or you can't get the hoverboard.

Trophymon 1
-Give construction worker by the bank at night a hamburger to get a ladder
-Use the ladder on the lady near the apartments to get her cat back and get a trophymon

Trophymon 2
-Give the DJ a pizza in the evening
-Give the DJ a McShake in the evening

Trophymon 3
-Go to the second screen in the evening or at night and talk to the shady dealer. He'll sell you cuban cigars for $2350.
-Go to Vinnie's bar with some cigarettes, cuban cigars and a zippo lighter.
-Give the mobster in Vinnie's bar some the cigarettes, then the cuban cigars, then the zippo.
-He'll give you the trophymon

Trophymon 4
-Keep throwing $25 in the busker's hat on the second screen in the evening. He gives you the fourth trophymon.

Hoverboard Good
-Go to the courtyard outside your basement apartment on the first screen in the evening with all four trophymon. Talk to the pink girl, animal activist annie.
-Give her the trophymon. You get a lot of good karma, some charm and the hoverboard, but no money.

Hoverboard Evil
-Go down the road between your apartment and the Mobster Tower at night with the four trophymon.
-Give the four trophymon to the eccentric billionaire.
-He gives you $3000 for the first three and a hoverboard for the fourth. You also get negative karma.
-The hoverboard is the fastest skateboard in the game.

Klein Bottle
-Give the addict near the apartments at night 4 lots of Coca. You can get one from the screwdriver quest
-You get the Klein Bottle (and negative karma)

Klein Bottle #2
-Get the painkillers at Wally Mart.
-Go find the infamous goth kid. He's near your basement apartment in the evening.
-Give him the pain killers. Get the squeegee.
-Take the squeegee to the squeegee kid, he's in between all the buildings near the club on the third screen.
-Get klein bottle (and positive karma).

4D Hypercube #1
-Get high intelligence.
-Go to the university during the morning and talk to the yellow guy (Chessmaster Chase). Challenge him to chess.
-He gives you a hypercube.

4D Hypercube #2
-Go to the police station.
-Give the nigerian prince $10,000 bail.
-He gives you the 4D Hypercube

Mobius Strip #1
-Get three coca.
-Give them all to the police officer standing in the middle of the police station.
-He gives you a Mobius strip (and a lot of good karma). The broski disappears if you do this.

Mobius Strip #2
-Go to the club at night with high strength and challenge the broski with the big orange head at the bar (first room when you enter the club) to an arm wrestle. You should beat him and get the mobius strip. The police officer disappears if you do this.

Buying 4D Objects
-You can also buy the 4D objects for $100k each from the dimensional traveller. He appears on the first screen near your basement apartment (in the bottom left of the screen) and the casino at different times.

Three Bullets on the slots
-Lining up three bullets on the slots gives you the doomsday glock, the really expensive handgun that you can buy from the shady dealer. It normally costs $1,337,000.

-Give the drunken guy near the apartments at night an old hot dog from the store. He'll give you the screwdriver.
-Give the screwdriver to the theif by the corporate building to get some cash, negative karma and coca.

Screwdriver #2
-Fight and beat the three mobsters outside the penthouse apartment at night. They drop the screwdriver.
-Give the screwdriver to the theif by the corporate building to get some cash, negative karma and coca.

Warehouse (yellow enemies)
-Get high enough strength to challenge the drunk in the bar on the second screen. He drops the warehouse key.
-Go to the warehouse next to your basement apartment. You have to kill all the yellow enemies. Afterwards you get $500 and a strength bonus

Mobster Tower (black enemies)
-Fight and beat the two mobsters outside Vinnie's at night. They drop the mobster tower key.
-Go to the mobster tower adjacent to your apartment on the second screen. Kill all the mobsters. You get $350, 10 strength, 5 charm and an AK47.

Gangster HQ (red enemies)
-Get enough strength to challenge and beat the gangsters on the first screen near your basement apartment during the morning. They drop the Gangster HQ key.
-The Gangster HQ is near the pizza shop on the first screen.
-Kill all the enemies. You get $625, 15 strength and the double barrelled shotgun

Coca in the Club
-If you have high enough charm, go into the womens toilets in the club and she will give you coca

Sledgehammer Part 1
-Get the toilet paper from Wally Mart. Go to the bar near the apartment (second screen) during the evening. Go to the doors in the back and give the guy some toilet paper. He gives you the weathered sledge hammer.

Sledgehammer Part 2
-Get a lot of intelligence, then go to the bathroom of the club at night, talk to the attendant in the mens toilets and answer "time". He gives you einsteinium.
-Take this to the laundry room
-He gives you the heavy sledge hammer

Sledgehammer Part 3
-Buy unobtainium for $450,000 from the shady dealer (second screen at night).
-Take it to the laundry room with the heavy sledge hammer to get the super sledge hammer

Tiffany (Strength)
-Talk to Tiffany on the corner of the second screen in the afternoon (possibly morning). Get the puppy.
-Take the puppy to Tiffany's sister by the penthouse on the third screen. Get the keys.
-Take the keys back to Tiffany. She'll give you the scarf.
-Go to the club at night. Talk to Tiffany and give her the scarf. She will give you the purse. Leave the club and go to bed.
-Go to Tiffany by the apartments on the second screen in the morning (possibly afternoon). She won't be on the corner at this time. Give her her purse. She will give you the expensive watch.
-Take the expensive watch to the casino near the bank in the evening. The dealer will give you the ring.
-When you have high strength go to the bar on the same screen as the apartments in the day. Ask Tiffany to marry you. She moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day.

Kate (Intelligence)
-Go to starbucks in the early morning (before 10am). She gives you a text book.
-Go to the university. Talk to the green guy and give him the book. He gives you a calculator.
-Go to Skye's Bar (on the second screen) at night. Talk to Kate and give her the calculator. She gives you the mechanical pencil.
-Go to the university in the afternoon (after 10am). Give Kate the pencil. She should give you the watch.
-Go to the casino and trade the watch for the ring.
-When your intelligence is high enough, give the ring to Kate outside of the university in the evening. Again, she moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day

Devin (Negative Karma)
-Go to the porn store in the afternoon. She'll give you the bag.
-Go to Jimmy, outside Vinnie's Bar. He'll give you the switchblade.
-Go to the club at night. Go to the dancefloor and talk to Devin. Give her the switchblade and she'll give you the coolcard.
-Go to Vinnie's bar and talk to the smoking guy. He'll give you the package.
-Go to the police station in the morning (before 10am). She gives you the watch.
-Go to the casino and trade the watch for the ring.
-When your karma is negative enough go to Starbucks in the evening and give the ring to Devin. She moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day.

Main Quest
-Get a Klein Bottle, Mobius Strip and Hypercube from the above quests.
-Give these to the professor in the classroom at the university. He will give you the lab key.
-Go to the lab on the first screen by your basement apartment.
-You must fight through all the enemies (white). This is pretty tough first time, make sure you have a decent gun from one of the above quests (I used the Secret Weapon).
-After you fight through the enemies, you must fight the professor. Depending on how much health you have left, this can be quite tough, as his attack does about 15 damage, I think.
-When you beat him, he jumps through the middle portal, and you have the choice of three portals to jump through:

The Left Portal takes you to the first game, Stick RPG Complete. It seems to be played on an old television. You keep all your stats from Stick RPG 2, and the people say different things. Probably the best ending.
The Middle Portal takes you to the title screen (ie. the 3D world - this is the true ending)
The Right Portal takes you to the start of this game, Stick RPG 2, with all your stats, the name XGen Studios but no money/items.

Naturally, high stats makes this second runthrough a lot easier though.

Job Rewards
Hacker - The Internet (+50 Int)
McSticks - Free food card (Doesn't work though)
Skateboarding - Pro Skateboard (faster skateboard)
Police Officer - Automatic shotgun
Pizza Delivery - Pizza
Doctor - Stethoscope
Corporate Zombie - Cheap watch
Hitman - Secret weapon
Video Game Developer - Masamune sword
Pimp - A pimp hat
Drug Dealer - Hall of Fame baseball bat
Milkman - Cowbell
Rock Star - Platinum Record

Getting Max Pos/Neg Karma

Buy Fake ID's from Rudy in the third area for -30 Karma

Buy Real ID's from the Cop in the first Area for +25 Karma

Attend Class rather than study sessions for faster Intelligence.
Get into more fights rather than training sessions for quicker strength.
Buy beer rather than get drunk at a bar for faster charm.